The Technology Behind the Power

SwarmWorks uses innovative technology to enable you to tap into the creativity and energy of your audiences. These specially developed hardware and software solutions have been proven over thousands of events. They are continuously refined to adapt flexibly to the unique objectives, needs and desires of our diverse client base.

Proprietary Optical System

Fast, simple and failsafe.

We set up an infrared light source in the front of the room - perhaps several sources for very large venues. Each audience member responds to one of our technologies (e.g, game, poll, etc.) by holding up their own special wand that reflects their individual light back to the light source. Their response is captured and evaluated in real time by special cameras at the light source. The signal processing is instantaneous. This method allows even very large crowds of thousands to engage together in real time applications, such as games or polls.

Our unique technology can divide audiences into as many as nine teams playing or working together. It is significantly faster and easier to play and to process than all other conventional voting systems or event game apps. Results are instant. Every participant plays, and counts. Far simpler than a hand held mobile or other device requiring focus and concentration downward, audiences participating in SwarmWorks events keep their heads up, and attention directed to center stage.

Mobile Systems:

Interactive, where and when you need it

We offer more than games and polling technology. We also enable individuals, small and larger teams to work together to solve problems, improve existing ideas or develop fresh new concepts. Working in small groups or individually, participants use customized SwarmWorks tablet devices (iPods/iPads/Tablet PCs) to enter and provide their contributions – thoughts, ideas, feedback – to the group. All devices are connected via a local high performance Wifi network and control center provided by SwarmWorks. The control center is manned by an experienced SwarmWorks Operator who controls the interactive processes and ensures smooth operations.

Your SwarmWorks control center maps and connects the work of the teams, and ensures seamless transition from one subject area to the next. Participants only see the content that it is intended for them, and all content offered is saved and stored for later evaluation. Best ideas float to the top, capturing the collective intelligence of the entire team. Our system can be deployed in any room setup and can be extended to very large sites with separate rooms, or even in multiple locations via GPS and mobile data capabilities.

Stationary System:

Group work at its best

Optimally sized groups of five to eight members are equipped with a customized SwarmWorks workstation, including large display monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse. The workstations are intelligently connected to the local SwarmWorks control center through our own proprietary high performance Wifi network. Using this structure even large groups can tackle demanding topics such as creative brainstorming, complex problem solving, decision-making or strategy development.

Our technologies.

Your brand.

SwarmWorks technologies can be customized to match you event themes and branding - your organization name, logo, tagline, event theme, vision statements, and more.