A thousand possibilities – to create a unique event

According to legend, a novice monk traveled the world and captured its many beauties on a ceramic tablet. But the tablet broke into 7 pieces. When he tried to put it back together, he created countless different patterns and realized: the true beauty of the world lies in the many individual ways one can look at it and that everyone has a different view. This anecdote captures how SwarmWorks approaches the events it supports: We combine individual modules to create a unique solution for your event, fully customized to dovetail the needs of the given target groups and your objectives with the event.


Our unique gamification technologies guarantee attendees are energized and have fun, creating positive energy so that they can be at their creative best. Attendees become actively engaged participants; not passive onlookers.

WePlay offers fully interactive collaborative or competitive team games that focus audience attention to center stage. Whether playing a game of hockey or soccer, flying a plane or sailing a boat, WePlay enables every participant to be part of the action while fostering teamwork, engagement and fun.


  • Create a high performance, fun, electric atmosphere
  • Strengthen team identity & collaboration
  • Work toward common goals
  • Involve and engage entire audience


Great ideas inspire, motivate and improve people and organizations. They can be clever, clear, complex or simple, but are not always so easy to generate.

Ideas can be improved upon when developed and further considered by teams. As individuals contribute their own sparks of creative thought, ownership becomes shared, and team bonds are strengthened and secured.

WeCreate lets your audience communicate all sorts of ideas together in real-time, harnessing the creativity and the knowledge of teams to co-create solutions to given problems and challenges.

Whether in small teams or as one (or many) large group(s), thanks to our technology you can tap the full potential and collective wisdom of your audience. Jointly develop business strategies, solve challenging problems, and make better decisions together.

(Note: we don’t keep you waiting. The results – your teams’ ideas and solutions – are built in real-time and immediately available to leaders and participants alike, as you require.)


  • Creative brainstorming generating better ideas
  • Real-time collaboration and communication, within and across teams
  • Tap into collective team/audience wisdom
  • Participant buy-in of new ideas or solutions
  • Support eventual implementation of team-generated solutions


The only way to know how people really think is to ask them. WeVote does just that, engaging your entire audience in real-time, and in an entirely unique way.

Whether in the form of quick polls or a more elaborate, lengthy opinion survey, our technology will help you learn what hundreds or thousands of participants think. We’ll present the results front-and-center, and without delay.


  • Directly engage your audience, in entertaining ways
  • Sprinkle direct audience involvement in what otherwise are presentation marathons
  • Focus attention on important content.
  • Solicit real time feedback.


In successful organizations, teamwork is key. But people are ‘individuals’ first, and may not necessarily share common interests. Individuals should first bond, before organizations attempt to tap into the greater power of “Team.”

WeUnite offers fresh approaches to teambuilding: interactive, real time, crowd experience- based, and large group compatible.

Challenge your participants to tasks best mastered as a team: a TV-inspired game show; a flight simulator; a car race or a treasure hunt while exploring an event or meeting location.

Using WeUnite, you can bring individuals together, engaging as teams in fun new ways.


  • Strengthen team esprit de corps
  • Combine team-building with education, learning and fun
  • (e.g. Mission – a fun way to combine team-building and the exploration of the physical surroundings of a meeting venue)
  • Integrate relevant client content into the exercises


WeConnect helps you bring together attendees with common interests or similar experiences who might otherwise miss the opportunity meet one another, learn from each other, and collaborate.

From such connections can come new bonds, strengthening relationships across the organization.


  • Facilitate introductions based on various interests, across the organization
  • Enable “people interfacing” to enhance bonds and increase connections
  • Identify efficient people networks


Individuals often learn best (and retain knowledge) when participating in interesting experiences that offer long-lasting impressions. WeExplore conveys knowledge not through the statement of facts, but rather through collaborative, experiential learning.

WeExplore is an interactive learning journey where you set the conditions: Sail a virtual boat through a regatta course consisting of next year’s corporate goals; learn about the features of a new product by playing a quiz built around that very product; or come up with your own idea and let us turn it into an interactive group experience.


  • Break through conventional formats: build knowledge into the experience
  • Convey relevant business messages in fun and interactive ways
  • Make use of gamification to impart knowledge, improving participant knowledge retention