SwarmWorks Vision Gaming turns your participants into active players who work together to bring more fun – as a large team or in several small groups. Bring your event to maximum success in a charming and playful way by having your subscribers, e.g. After a long period of concentration, invite to a relaxing, interactive game.

What is SwarmWorks Vision Gaming doing?

To lighten the atmosphere

Involve the entire audience interactively

Strengthen we-feeling

Achieving common goals

SwarmWorks Games


Play the balls together in a soccer game on a digital wall.


Navigate a plane together through the air.


Together sail a sailing ship through the roaring waves.


Race together – towards your goal.


Cross a chasm in cooperation with everyone.


Unveil something through the joint control of a ball

Your game idea was not there?

We are happy to design our games to your liking. Just contact us.

SwarmWorks gaming in your design

All games can be adapted visually as well as content to your brand and your theme, making it a very special experience for your participants.

Interest aroused?

Just write us an E-Mail or call us. We are happy to be there for you personally.