Digital networking made easy

Have you ever considered developing the next corporate strategy jointly with hundreds of your managers? We make it possible!
Productive and efficient: Intelligently networked flat screens, iPads or iPods form the basis of the Digital system. This technology enables teams or individuals to interactively tackle even complex tasks. All devices are connected with each other and a control center in a secure, stable high-performance WiFi network. The control center is staffed by a trained SwarmWorks operator who oversees the process and ensures smooth running.

The centerpiece of the entire setup, the control center, uses our proprietary software designed to reliably manage even the most complex interactive events. Redundant systems architecture and continuous backups go without saying.

SwarmWorks Digital

Complex processes

SwarmWorks Digital makes it possible to map practically any kind of process to turn it into truly interactive approach involving the audience in any combination of individuals, teams or as a whole. From simple cost-benefit analyses to complex strategy development, Digital is the solution of choice.


In addition to allowing for numerous types of interactions the way the data gathered is evaluated can be customized to reflect customer needs.

Information sharing

Relevant event information can be made available to participants in the form of personalized agenda, personalized push messages and more. Participants can also interact with presentations streamed to their devices by backtracking charts, making annotations, rating individual charts and selecting charts for later email distribution to them.

Data protection

Your data is safe with us! We use on-site backup servers and ensure 100% privacy of all event content.


Event content and interaction results can be displayed in many shapes and forms. Output can be adapted to suit even large-screen projections and media servers.


We can support any type of Q&A session including those where the audience themselves or a team of experts review questions provided. Using dedicated algorithms, we can identify the most burning questions of the audience to make Q&A sessions as efficient as possible.


Our methods encourage participants to exchange ideas and network with each other – a process that typically continues into networking breaks and stimulates conversations and further exchange.


The SwarmWorks catalogue of interactions includes some 100 different ready-to-use ways to involve audiences that you can deploy at your event.
And if you need something we do not have at this point – no problem – we’ll make it happen and program it for you.


We connect your participants on-site, across sites or even across continents. Using our technologies, you can bring people from remote locations together in the same live event and in real-time.

Participant-to-workshop Assignment

Ever wondered how to best match participants to workshop topics while optimizing attendee numbers?

You can effortlessly do just that with the help of our intelligent participant management algorithms. Participants simply choose workshop topics according to their preference and priority and the algorithm assigns workshops while also taking desired min and max attendee numbers into account.

Branding & Customization

All screen interfaces and results visualizations can be adapted to reflect your or your customers corporate CI appearance.

Face recognition

Tired of the usual bar or pie charts?
Why not use participants’ facial expressions as feedback.

Participants take a selfie of their face expressing what they think about a given question or statement and submit the picture. An AI algorithm evaluates all selfies according to emotional states expressed and visualizes the result.

Knowledge transfer

SwarmWorks Digital enables efficient knowledge transfer. The knowledge transfer can be achieved through various team activities such as B. the joint processing of case studies done.


After the event, you will receive a processed export of all results and a final event report.

Interest aroused?

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