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Adventure weekend at the Anton Häring KG

Anton Häring KG is one of the leading manufacturers of precision parts and assemblies for the automotive industry. In September 2017, the family business invited to a three-day event in a class of its own.

After many recent successes, including the Bosch Global Supplier Award 2017, Häring thanked employees, apprentices and students for their commitment in this way. Together with the Rottweiler event agency trend factory, the family-owned company designed four different events – all under the common motto “We go digital”. For the interactive entertainment of the guests, the trend factory brought SwarmWorks on board.

The first day was devoted entirely to the junior staff. Around 500 pupils from the region spent a special kind of school trip with the globally successful manufacturer of precision parts. In a team challenge they fought for a trip to the Europa Park, answered questions about the company and collected points at digital stations. For example, the students were able to discover GoKart, experience virtual reality and play soccer on the big screen in the middle of the production hall with SwarmWorks – which created a great deal of enthusiasm.

On the second day, the company invited its approximately 780 employees to an exclusive evening event. One of the emotional highlights of the diverse supporting program was certainly the SwarmWorks football match. The atmosphere in the marquee boiled as the two teams competed against each other and scored their goals.

Day three was all about the family. The employees were able to visit the factory halls and their families with their families
let off steam at the many digital experience stations on the site. The approximately 3,000 visitors once again enjoyed the SwarmWorks stand, where young and old fought with particular dedication for the victory of their teams.

SwarmWorks presenter Ralph Bartels was thrilled about the three days: “The company Häring has killed three birds with one stone: winning staff, employee loyalty and transparency for families and the public. And all three goals connect them with emotions through SwarmWorks, so that their positive image sticks to the respective target groups. I think this approach is very clever.



“Thank you for being with us! For us, SwarmWorks gaming was one of the highlights of our event weekend. “

Miriam Häring
Anton Häring KG

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battle of ideas

Under the motto “HR Innovation Clash – Ring free for the battle of ideas”, around 450 HR experts gathered at the 16th Kienbaum Annual Meeting in Ehreshoven near Cologne in May 2017.

The personnel and management consultancy hosted a particularly dynamic and innovative program and brought SwarmWorks on board for interactive design for the second time. In the course of the event, participants discussed with many high-profile speakers new HR approaches for companies on the way to the digital age.

In various parallel “Sparring Workshops”, speakers presented their solutions for the HR work of the future. All approaches flowed live into a “Ideas Market” and could be evaluated via iPads by the participants and supplemented with their own ideas. Thus, in each workshop, a ranking of the top ideas was created very quickly, which were then presented and discussed in plenary. Dr. Walter Jochmann, Managing Director at Kienbaum and Head of the Organizational Development Advisory Division, then presented a series of theses on the successful Personnel work of the future. Based on SwarmWorks WeVote technology, it should now be determined which theses support the participants. By Holding up “SwarmPads”, they were able to choose their favorites and the results immediately appeared on the canvas. At the forefront was the thesis that HR is an effective qualification concept for digital literacy must develop at all management and employee levels. During the further workshops and keynote speeches the participants had access to a “Q & A channel” via iPads.

At any time they could enter their questions and at the same time see and rate the contributions of all other participants. So the speakers quickly knew which questions were burning in the room under the fingernails. The participants experienced a multifaceted and exciting program and also the organizer showed up



“SwarmWorks has been attending our Kienbaum Annual Meeting for the second time, this time with additional features like the WeVote. This fast, simple and entertaining way of voting was well received by our participants. SwarmWorks makes it possible to use the swarm intelligence in a comfortable way – for both participants and organizers. “

Prof. Dr. Walter Jochmann
Managing Director at Kienbaum and head of the consulting area Organizational Development

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World cup fever at Daimler

In February, around 1,500 engineers met in Sindelfingen for a management event. To loosen up the event and actively engage attendees, SwarmWorks’ used its world’s most unique gaming technology.

The customer’s desire was to reach the employees in a special way. As the FIFA World cup cast their shadows ahead, we suggested that the audience compete against each other in teams at our football pong. In this way, the Daimler management event was given a team-building as well as a competitive character, which was very well received by the customer. Strategically placed at the beginning of the event, it was possible to enter the event very energetically.

The technical basis of the Football-Pong game is a unique optical technology, which gives everyone a small reflector cell to control the game. Cameras in the hall capture the individual trowel reflexes and computers evaluate the signals in real time. Thus, various games can be played with large groups of up to several thousand participants – from football to car racing to the sailing or flight simulator. The system can also be used to perform very fast votes in the audience and to get feedback from the participants. A big advantage over other polling technologies is that the eyes and the attention of the participants always stay focused on the stage and there is no distraction. The results of the votes are immediately available live to the audience and the process is completely transparent.

The employees at Daimler had a lot of fun with the game and after only a few seconds the mood in the room boiled as the teams tried to score goals. According to the customer, it has been possible to create a suitable emotional entry that integrates all participants, and in addition contributes to the team spirit of the team.



“SwarmWorks has greatly enriched our event.”

Ola Källenius
Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars development

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Charity for Charité Gala

Every year, the Charité Clinics for Paediatrics of the University Medical Center Berlin invite to an exclusive gala to raise money for children with severe chronic and rare diseases and to raise awareness of the importance of research in this field. The guests of the Charity for Charité Gala come from business, science, culture, media and the Berliner Society.

For the first time, SwarmWorks was able to support this important initiative in 2016 as a partner. Embedded in a prominent supporting program, SwarmWorks teamed up with Charité to develop an interactive quiz that would liven up the event and motivate attendees to more donations. The result was a quiz format in which the guests were able to put their knowledge about the Charité to the test in five rounds. Each table formed a team. For each round, a sponsor in the room was able to declare in advance that if the questions were answered correctly (at least 50% of the guests had to be correct), they would donate their donation.

Competition increases fun and willingness to donate

In keeping with the occasion, the quiz was designed in a festive layout. After each question, an appealing visualization showed not only which table teams were right, but also which team was the fastest. This was a charming way to create additional competition that increased the fun factor. In an animation after each question was shown whether the guests had made the 50% barrier and the donation would actually be distributed. In total, around 260,000 euros of donations were collected that evening, for which the quiz made a valuable contribution.



“With our charity quiz we had the opportunity to involve all the guests in the room in generating donations. Everyone was able to make a contribution through his knowledge. That was great and activated everyone. In our view, SwarmWorks can really enrich any kind of event. We are simply thrilled with the great cooperation. Not only with which openness and curiosity our first ideas were received, but also by the creativity in all solutions. All this has always encouraged us in this new approach and a lot of fun. Thank you, SwarmWorks! Any time again.”

Tina Fix & Inez Adam
Fundraising und Social Marketing
Children’s Hospital of the Charité

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Mubea Management Conference

Each year, Mubea, one of Europe’s largest automotive suppliers, invites its executives to a conference to discuss current developments, discuss strategy issues and look to the future together.

Type of event: Conference with 170 executives
Goal: Make the conference interactive for the first time
Used SwarmWorks technology: Digital iPads – Q & A session

In September 2016, the management conference was to be interactive for the first time. That’s why you got SwarmWorks on board. Q & A sessions are a simple but very valuable tool to clarify open questions, get feedback, and learn how to present featured content to attendees. Past conferences have shown Mubea that ultimately it is always the same people who ask their questions.

The goal this year was to really involve all of the around 170 participants in the room and to significantly lower the hurdle to ask a question. SwarmWorks provided iPads throughout the venue, both in the meeting room and in the breakout rooms, to which participants could enter their questions anonymously at any time.

Managing Director Jan Schmidt-Dohna, who moderated the event, invited all participants to ask as many questions as possible. The questions entered remained visible on the iPads and could be reinforced with a “Like” thumb by other participants, if they also found them interesting. The result: more questions were asked than in recent years. Thanks to the evaluation mechanism, the speakers and the management also saw which questions were particularly important to many participants and answered them prioritized.

The feedback from the participants and speakers was consistently positive. The new setting was perceived as very innovative and stimulating discussion. All questions were provided to the Executive Board following the event and could be incorporated directly into the Lesson’s Learned Meeting.


“In such a big round many participants find it difficult to openly ask their questions. SwarmWorks’ interactive Q & A solution helped us overcome this hurdle. In addition, this solution enabled a very fast and transparent evaluation of the questions. “

Jan Schmidt-Dohna
Managing Director Mubea Group and of the event

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We are Uniper: Start together!

Green light for Uniper! On New Year, the operational separation of E.ON was implemented. This was celebrated with an emotional kick-off event in January 2016, with the entire team starting with SwarmGaming in the collective – to show “We are Uniper!”

On January 14, 2016, the management board of Uniper celebrated the launch of Uniper together with the German workforce in the Rhine-Ruhr area. SwarmWorks effectively supported the company in the emotional kick-off event at the ISS Dome in Düsseldorf and brought the motto “We are Uniper” to life: Two different games from the SwarmGaming section provided not only a good atmosphere, but also increased team spirit. In addition, the core businesses of the company “Power Generation and Trading” also came into their own. Because the energy world is characterized by speed, agility and digitization as well as by the need for reliability and security. Uniper as an international energy supplier with a broad know-how and a keen sense for innovative energy solutions clearly belongs to it. And shows what a real “energizer” is. In this case, the rousing action factor that comes with SwarmGaming. The aim of the event was to set a tone. To fire a starting gun. And to encourage all participating employees – a total of 2500 – to the highest performance for the next few years. Especially on SwarmGaming, which effectively boosts the fun factor and makes the kick-off a real experience event.


Made-to-measure energy kicks

In the game Ice Pong – especially tuned to the ice hockey location in Dusseldorf – the participant teams showed how much energy they really have. In order to strengthen the corporate identity of Uniper at the same time and to shape the corresponding “Look & Feel”, the game interface was personalized with Uniper Corporate Design and logos. The subsequent racing, in which all participants then headed together in the direction of the home straight, finally made for a really fast-paced energy kick and clarified the motto “We are Uniper”. This game was also personalized.


Moderation with pure entertainment factor

As moderator Ralph Bartels went to the start. The economic moderator (Congress Award 2007) has been on national as well as international stages for around 15 years and knows exactly what it takes to animate people, entertain visitors and inspire participants. He also proved his profession at the Uniper kick-off and fueled both the management and the workforce. A true mood maker who knows how to enrich an event and effectively lead it to its goal.



“2,500 employees at the start of Uniper at the ISS Dome Dusseldorf: to have them all in one hall and move them physically and emotionally, but in their seats – and to convey the message that we at UNIPER are all in one strand in one Pulling the same direction: this is only possible with SwarmGaming. In addition an optimal and very personal support of SwarmWorks from the customer-oriented advice over the excellent conception and the ingenious branding up to the really perfect implementation: thanks to SwarmWorks this was a start for Uniper, which one could not have wished for. “

Christian Wülfing
Senior Vice President Event Management
and Corporate Protocol
Uniper SE

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