Small paddles that make a big difference

Have you ever navigated a plane with hundreds of people? Or played with several thousands of football? We make it possible!
Fast and easy: The interaction with your audience takes place via special trowels of the participants. These SwarmPads do not reflect visible light from an infrared light source. The reflections are recorded by special cameras and evaluated immediately. These binary signals can be used to control games in real time or to carry out very fast voting. This innovative and unique interaction method is faster and easier to evaluate than standard touch-screen tuning applications. The audience’s attention is constantly focused on the stage and the results are immediately available.

SwarmWorks Vision
What does vision do?

Real time

The participants’ infrared signals are evaluated in real time and the results are immediately available for viewing.

Corperate Identity

We integrate desired elements of the customer’s CI within the SwarmWorks performance. So any game or polling can be designed according to customer requirements.

Maximum integration

Whether a management conference with 80 executives or an employee event with 80,000 employees. With SwarmWorks Vision you can integrate an almost unlimited number of participants interactively into your event.


Thanks to the very simple operation of the SwarmPads (reflector cells), the participants can cast their votes anonymously and simply without much explanation.


The focus of the participants remains where he belongs – on the stage of the speaker or moderator. This enables a live dialogue between the participant and the speaker.

Location Cross

We network participants across locations. Let your participants in Berlin play against the participants in Munich Pong. Or ask the different locations for their opinions and then put the two opinions on top of each other.

SwarmWorks Vision Gaming

Our developed gaming system is suitable to play different game formats with an unlimited number of participants. Let executives play against employees and start a healthy competition in your company. Or steer a sailboat together with your company to activate the sense of we.

Interest aroused?

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