Digital networking made easy

Have you ever developed the next corporate strategy with hundreds of employees? And that in just one day? We make it possible!
Productive and efficient: Intelligently networked flat screens, iPads or iPods form the basis of the digital system. This technology allows workstations for any occasion in the team or efficient individual work. All devices are networked with each other and with the control room during the event. It is staffed by a trained SwarmWorks employee who oversees the process, monitors it technically and ensures the smooth running of the process. A secure and stable high-performance WLAN ensures the networking of all teams. The centerpiece here too is the Control Center, a control software specially programmed for events organized by SwarmWorks, in which your event schedule is backed up with all the questions and evaluation options. This unique and process-oriented technique records the output that has been developed and makes it immediately available as input for the next work steps.

SwarmWorks Digital

Complex processes

Working interactively with SwarmWorks Digital enables the implementation of any kind of process. From simple cost-benefit analysis to strategy-finding, we can help you with SwarmWorks Digital.


As with the interactions, we offer you a wide selection of suitable evaluation options. And here, too, there is the possibility of an individually adapted evaluation.


We can individually cover the provision of event information through to the personalized agenda with push messages with SwarmWorks Digital. The participants also have the opportunity to take important notes on the slides and then send them by e-mail.

Data protection

Your data is safe with us! With local backup on-site servers, we ensure 100% privacy of all event content.


The event content such. We can dynamically display results, photos or videos even on large-screen projections and media servers.


SwarmWorks offers flexible use of any type of Q&A session (eg in combination with reviews of the questions and the editorial team). This is how the most important questions of the participants are asked.


Our methods encourage participants to exchange and network with each other. In this way, the participants can continue to exchange information about the jointly developed content in the networking break.


The SwarmWorks Interaction Catalog includes 99 ready-to-use interaction options that you can use for your interactive event. No suitable interaction for you? No problem! Our developers program the interaction according to your wishes.


We connect participants, workshops or entire continents with each other. With our technologies, it is also possible to work across locations and get the opinion of all participants, no matter where they are.


Not only can we work interactively with your attendees during the workshops, but we can also prioritize attendees through an intelligent algorithm in limited places to their desired workshops.

Corperate Identity

We comprehensively integrate your entire client CI into the SwarmWorks service.

Face recognition

Boring evaluations? Not with SwarmWorks! We enable evaluations in the form of selfies through artificial intelligence. The participants take their selfie and the AI recognizes z. B. the mood of the participant.

Knowledge transfer

SwarmWorks Digital enables efficient knowledge transfer. The knowledge transfer can be achieved through various team activities such as B. the joint processing of case studies done.


After the event, you will receive a processed export of all results and a final event report.

Interest aroused?

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